Rise in Love - Hrit Padma Chakra Sadhana

Most people live with doubt, mistrust and a negative attitude towards life. They are neither able to forget rejections nor forgive, which leads to coldness and indifference to what life has to offer. This state-of mind and condition results in their inability to fulfill dreams or manifest anything new.
The solution is inside us; it lies in our energy body– the 4th Chakra – Heart (Anahata) Chakra.  The imbalance of this Chakra is also responsible for health issues like High BP, heart diseases and breathing/blood circulation problems, By balancing this Chakra, you will learn to trust the will of God and will be able to welcome new situations with greater ease.
In this Workshop:
Release mistrust, hurt and doubts
Learn to trust and  love
Understand the meaning of life
Chakra balancing meditation

  • Neeta Singhal

    Webinar Host

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