Warren Myers is the co-founder and CEO of AURA, an armed response and emergency services tech platform in South Africa.Until 2019, he was the CEO of Myertal Tactical Security, an offsite CCTV monitoring solutions provider, which he founded 10 years earlier. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Management and Finance from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.Warren’s journey in the security tech industry started in 2009 when he recognised the need for real peace of mind for commercial and residential clients and created Myertal, which uses ground-breaking smart detection technology to keep businesses protected.

​​​​​​​Ricky Croock Chief Executive Officer Vumacam and Imfezeko. Ricky started his career at the age of 19 where he found himself managing hundreds of ex-police and military personnel, under CSS Tactical. Due to its revolutionary Proactive Policing Model CSS Tactical grew rapidly. This resulted in them attaining rapid market share as criminal activity dropped almost instantaneously, by as much as 85% in certain areas. Ricky continues his mission of what is his most ambitious project to date - establishing the world’s first controlled access CCTV network throughout South Africa as the CEO of Vumacam.

Unam Mahlati CA(SA) - Snr Operations & Logistics Manager, SSA
Unam is the Snr Operations & Logistics Manager Marketplace, for Uber SSA.  In this role, Unam focuses on pricing of the Uber products, investment strategy and additions to the Uber product portfolio in different markets.
Unam has been with Uber since September 2019 and previously worked in consulting at Bain & Company after finishing her TOPP articles at Old Mutual.
 Growing up in South Africa, she has a passion for social impact and using technology to provide economic opportunities to people. She completed a Bcom Accounting & has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Accounting from the University of Cape Town.
Mara Glennie. Against all odds, Mara survived a life-threatening event involving grievous bodily harm. After she recovered she founded TEARS, an organisation that provides a support network for victims of rape and abuse. Her aim is to enable victims of rape and sexual abuse to find the assistance, comfort and compassion they need. She is passionate about women’s rights and the fact that despite our progressive laws and many studies done on violence against women in South Africa, women still have very little protection. She has been a crusader for social issues over the past six decades and the driving force and facilitator behind numerous development conventions and training initiatives to change the perception of the community and public in general around rape, abuse and Gender-based violence. 

  • Warren Myers

    Co-founder and CEO of AURA

  • Ricky Croock

    Chief Executive Officer Vumacam and Imfezeko

  • Unam Mahlati

    Snr Operations & Logistics Manager Marketplace, for Uber SSA

  • Mara Glennie

    Founder of TEARS

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