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How To Start Your Web Dev Career in 90 Days ?

Indian IT industry is on boom right now! The best career you can start is in this industry and fastest way to get into this industry is through web Development ! I will teach you how you can start your career in web Dev in Just 90 Days ! See you in webinar click the link below to register! 

Hi I am Rajdeep Dhakad i am passionate professional web Developer who runs a Youtube Channel With Over 140k Subscribers (Hindi Tech Tutorials) i have trained more then 500 people on how they can start there web develpment career till now.

Join me in the Live Webinar to know how you can start your career!

Sunday, 25 September, 11:00 AM IST

Webinar Presenters

  • Rajdeep Dhakad

    Web Developer - Youtuber - Hindi TechTutorials

What You Will Learn In The Webinar

  • Why You Should Get into Web Development

    Before Entering in this field you must know why you should get into web development

  • What are the skills required?

    In order to become a web developer you will need a lot of skills we will discuss this what exactly is required!

  • What to choose Frontend or backend when you are starting out

    This is important decision which a lot of people miss out you will be clear here what to go with !

  • The Truth about Coding is Diffcult

    Is it possible for a person who is from non technical background can he or she start this journey we will take a look at that.


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