Let’s Encrypt and Shopify: Securing Shopify’s 4.5 Million Domains

About the Event

Shipit! welcomes Josh Aas, co-founder and Executive Director of Let’s Encrypt and Shopify’s Charles Barbier, Application Security Development Manager, to talk about securing over 4.5 million Shopify domains and teaming up to foster a safer Internet for everyone.

During this event you will learn more about:

  • How Shopify automated implementing web security with Let’s Encrypt

  • How Let’s Encrypt is working towards a secure and privacy-respecting Web, and the community they’ve gathered to make it happen

  • ACME, an open source implementation of the ACMEv2/RFC 8555 protocol in Ruby 

  • How you can help Let’s Encrypt’s goal of a secure Web

  • The current state of web security, and what it’s going to take for a fully secure Web to be realized

  • Connect with our speakers: Josh (Let's Encrypt | I_S_R_G),  Charles (Github),  Anita (Twitter | LinkedIn)

  • Stay up to date by following Shopify Engineering: Blog | Twitter | YouTube

  • Anita Clarke

    Senior Managing Editor, Shopify

  • Josh Aas

    Co-founder and Executive Director, Let’s Encrypt

  • Charles Barbier

    Development Manager, Shopify

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