What Editors Want

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You won't want to miss this webinar! 'Changing Perspectives on Success in Publishing Science: Understanding What Editors Want in 2020'

One of the most engaging speakers around, Dr Philippa Benson (Managing Editor at CABI) will share her deep insights and extensive experience in writing and publishing in English. Dr Benson is an expert facilitator for non-native English writers: She can help you excel!

Author of the bestselling (University of Chicago Press) 'What Editors Want', we are fortunate indeed that Dr Benson will close out our week of Peer Review 2020 partner webinars. Surely, an event not to be missed!

  • Tune in and learn about: Writing in English in order to publish in a major  international journal

  • Tune in and learn about: How peer review means that journals get good reputations and impact factors

  • Tune in and learn about: What international journals expect from submitted articles

  • Tune in and learn about: How international journals handle submitted papers​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Tune in and learn about: How to manage peer review effectively

  • Dr Philippa Benson, Managing Editor, CABI Agriculture & Bioscience

    Guest Speaker

  • Dr Ning Zhang, Founder & CEO of TopEdit Author Services


  • Dr Gareth Dyke, Head of Training, TopEdit Author Services


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