SFI LIVE SPECIAL: How can lenders EASE the process for you?

A recent survey of 101 brokers, conducted by Mobas on behalf of Saffron Building Society, identified that 68% of brokers had to complain to a lender for poor service in the last 12 months. Additionally, a further half admitted they had to complain to a lender due to the length of time to receive a decision for their client.

Brokers also admitted that service standards from lenders have dropped since the lifting of covid restrictions, with 96.4% stating the service was good to excellent during the pandemic. This dropped to 75% since restrictions were lifted.

How do we shake this up to ensure you know you are listened to?
How do you know what lenders are doing to improve service, and support you?

Saffron want to hear your issues, to be challenged by you and accept your recommendation on how we can EASE your dealings with us.
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