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in 50 secPolarity of the Singularity- The Future of Work Professional Development - Webinar - EDUCATION ME TIME Skills Existential Emotional Intelligence - Essential Skills Fundamentals -Application SaaS Software as a Service #abciqtips

 General Essential Skills 
Foundation Day Training Be Extraordinary Enjoy the Ordinary
Educator-Instructor- General Introduction
​​​​​​​1 hr 7 m

  • ME - Skills , Learn how to integrate and differentiate cultural practices promoting unity, peace, mindfulness, health, wellness and sustainability. Processes of Application Systematic Problem Solving - ARTS THERAPY 

  • Existential essential skills - Essential Mental and Emotional Health Essentials​​​​​​​, Job - CAREER Skills Portfolios Arts Literacy - YOUTH

  • Software as a Service, Software as a Teacher SaaS - SaaT, ready made integrated lesson plans, interactive applications, video,audio, mixed media technologies. 

  • Shelley Chuchmuch

    Webinar Host

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