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Opportunities for Store Systems Transformation during lockdown
April 29,2020 | 1 hour | 10 A.M. PST

These are uncertain times and governments around the world are grappling with the process for reopening the economy after the lockdown. Retailers have a narrow window of time to transform store systems before the lockdown ends.

We have organized a series of webinars to help retailers prepare and transform. You're invited to this one-hour Webinar to discuss "Opportunities for Store Systems Transformation during the Lockdown".

What we will discuss:

        - How has consumer behavior changed due to the lockdown​​​​​​​

        - Review findings from SkillNet's survey of retailer response                        strategies to the lockdown

        - Which transformation projects to be prioritized

        - Practical ways to get more out of existing Oracle XStore and ORPOS                   implementation.

  • Antonio Alvaro

    SVP Digital & Cloud Solutions & General Manager International at SkillNet Solutions Inc.

  • Gaurav Rastogi

    CEO Doloop Digital

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