Initiating Large-Scale Energy Schemes

About the Webinar

The climate emergency response plans of public sector bodies and larger corporates invariably include the delivery of some level of utility-scale energy generation or storage.  With upwards of 80% of multi-megawatt projects now failing to secure grid connection rights – and so falling at the very first hurdle – achieving technically-feasible and cost-viable grid connections is one of the greatest challenges facing these organisations’ climate responses.
With over fifty years of grid expertise across his team – which succeeded with some 2GW of grid offers across nearly 100 schemes in 2020 alone – Hugh Taylor will explore the grid-related shortcomings common to most failed projects.  Through this prism, he will describe the attributes of a successful feasibility study and connection application. 
Catherine Cleary will discuss how to spot the key risks in your connection offer and how to manage them, whilst exploring potential opportunities for savings.

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