Millennial In Debt Investing 101: How To Invest With Debt

About The Webinar

This month's Millennial In Debt Webinar will focus on an introduction to investment strategies that will assist in building generational wealth and gaining financial freedom.

​​​​​​​If you missed the live session you can grab the replay now! Best part you get access to the DECK, the webinar and any updates in the future FOREVER at no additonal cost! 

About the event:
Studies show that White middle class households earning $37-61,000 a year on average have $86,000 in assets.

Assets in Black households in the same income bracket have on average $11,000 dollars in assets.

Only 33% of Black households own stock as of 2019 compared to 61% of white households. 

Why? The racial wealth gap has helped perpetuate this tremendousl

Increasing investment opportunities for racial minorities is a tremendous first step to narrowing the racial wealth gap... So where do we begin?

INVESTIN G 101: How To Invest With Debt Or A Low Income

What will this session cover ? 
This session will focus on
         *Intro to investing- basic terms and knowledge you need to get your feet    
           wet in the investment world .
        * Basic brokerage options 
        * Tax advantaged vs. Non Tax Advantaged Investing
        * Steps to take to start investing while navigating your debt / low income
        * General Q+A session at the end ! 

Is this webinar right for me?  If you've been thinking about investing but have no idea where to start, this is a great intro session for you to familiarize yourself with the market. I'll be covering all the basics you need to take your very first step into investing and gaining financial freedom. 

What happens if I miss the live session?  I always record my sessions! If you miss the live session a replay will be made availabe in 48 hours for a fee. 

Melissa of Millennial In Debt (@MillennialinDebt) is ready to help you kick your personal finance journey into full gear this year. After paying off $102,000 dollars in student loans on a teacher salary, Melissa bought her first home and built a fully funded emergency savings fund to last over a year's worth of expenses. ALL ON A TEACHER SALARY YA'LL! 

Spaces are limited ! Make sure to check your email to ensure you have the link and password to enter the room at start time !  

Please be sure to join the workshop on time (8:00pm EST) and if you can't make it be sure to let me know so your ticket can be given to someone on the wait list! 

See you there ! 

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