About ADAPT 2022

The ADAPT International Convention 2022 takes you on a journey to discover the limitless potential of technology spanning the Metaverse, AI, and Digital Assets.
Being technologically savvy today includes more than just being aware of new and emerging trends; it also entails understanding how these advancements aim to enhance society. Join us at ADAPT this year to learn more about the emerging era of technology!

  • Provide well-founded insights

    Professional insights will be provided by industry titans such as Pentas.io, The Sandbox, Women in Blockchain Asia (WIBA), MDEC, Virtualtech Frontier, and many others.

  • Discover the most recent industry technology news

    Did you know the Global Metaverse industry is rising, with revenues expected to reach USD 439 billion by the end of 2028? And if you don't, you now do! Let's stay current and gain a better understanding of what's going on in the tech industry.

  • Interesting topics to be shared 

    In this convention, we thrive to share with you the development of the new technology. Tackling on the reality of metaverse, the development of digital tokens as well as how to leverage AI in your business and many more! This is a golden opportunity for you to level u​​​​​​​p and start absorbing knowledge in preparation for future endeavors.

  • Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in the discussion are those of the author alone.

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