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Transform Health with Applied Kinesiology
March 5th at 3pm PST
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About The Webinar

Applied Kinesiology (AK) uses muscle testing to access the body's innate widsom. If you're new to AK, looking to review the basics, or having challenges getting accurate results, this webinar is for you! AK is ideal for healthcare professionals, coaches, personal trainers, therapists, and anyone looking to help others achieve peak levels of health and fitness. 

  • Learn the Secrets of Accurate Muscle Testing
    Learn pre-checks and common challenges when it comes to accurate muscle testing.

  • Circuit Locating
    Learn how to circuit locate an area of the body to discover acupressure points, neurolymphatic points, and much more!

  • Circuit Retaining Mode
    Learn how to hold a weak muscle "in circuit" so you can discover what strengthens it. 

  • Q&A
    Get all your questions answered during the Q&A!


    Webinar Host

  • Holly Bittinger

    Webinar Moderator

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