The Desired Woman Approach

A Free Training For Single Women Who Are Ready To Ditch Unfufilling Dating Patterns So They Can Enter A Committed, Healthy And Loving Relationship That Lasts.

Would It Be Crazy To Enjoy Undeniable Love That Lasts?

In This Training We Will Prove To You That ANYONE Can Enjoy Real Undeniable Love With The Right One.
Even If They Have The Worst Relationship History On The Planet Or They Have No Idea What True Love Looks Like...

  • Ever Wonder Why You've Met Men Who Just Won't Commit?

    There's nothing worse than being ghosted after that first date or to be suddenly left after years of being together. Here's how you prevent that.

  • Do You Know How To Tell Who Is Really Right For You?

    Meeting the right one is so much more than meeting someone who you feel attracted to, we will share with you our framework of how our clients know if they've met someone worth dating.

  • Would It Be Ridiculous To Tap Into Your Power As A Woman?

    Women under estimate their true power when it comes to relationships and dating. Some women even GIVE away their power and lose themselves in a relationship. Here's how you harness it. 

  • What Really Makes A HEALTHY & LOVING Relationship?

    Ever wondered what went wrong in your previous relationships and how to prevent that in the future? We will share with you our exclusive matrix for healthy and loving relationships. 

  • Lily Walford

    International Relationship & Dating Coach

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