6 Strategies for Owning the Client Meeting

Calling all video business owners! If you hate wasting your time in meetings and you want to gain more confidence in selling your work without feeling salesy, this is the workshop for you!

What you'll walk away with:

  • A Trail Map for Sales Meetings

    Never feel lost again. The trail map will give you confidence by outlining what to talk about and how to keep the meeting moving so you’re not wasting anyone's time.

  • The Simplest Way To Start a Meeting

    so that you have a plan, and you're no longer feeling confused about what should come next.

  • The Most Powerful Way to Connect

    immediately during a meeting so there's no more feeling like a slimy salesperson.

  • The One Sentence That Gets Your Clients Sharing Their Budget

    No more guessing!!!

  • Ryan Koral

    Webinar Host

  • Patrick Moreau

    Webinar Host

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