The Six Milestone Process To Obtain Fulfilling Career Opportunities
(and land the position of your dreams!)

Being overlooked and seen as just another candidate, or letting another day pass thinking, “what if?” can be a consideration of the past! 

Here’s just a sample of the transformative information you’ll discover in this special presentation: 

 ✓ How to impress upon hiring managers by articulating yourself correctly in response to their questions… and the simple secret all great candidates say to ensure the position every time, without fail! 

​​​​​​​✓ Avoid being ensnared by making the wrong career choices.
(Most people make this serious mistake at one point and wish for change when it’s too late) 

✓ Why most job candidates feel misguided and confused and how you can develop the clarity required using this strategic ‘milestone’ process.

✓ The fatal mistake most candidates make which prohibit them from landing their dream job. (Instead, use my 'secret weapon' which immediately provides you with an edge and altitude above your peers.) 

✓ The secret to successfully smashing your interviews every single time. (Blow away hiring managers with shining confidence and be seen as the ONLY viable candidate in their mind.)

Ebonie helps guide women who are stuck in an unfulfilling career. As someone who ‘hated Mondays’ because she dragged on working in a chosen career she no longer wanted, Ebonie took the leap of faith and now has full control over her life. 

Now, she leads a quality life focused on her passion for teaching and helping other women who are stuck, confused and scared to really go after what they are destined to do!

  • Ebonie Akinsete

    Webinar Host & Holistic Career Coach

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