Prop 19: Property Tax Changes ​​​​​​​Coming February 16, 2021
How to Plan!

Prop 19 does not take effect until February 16, 2021, which means the current law still is in place until then. Depending on your situation, a certain type of trust may make sense for you, allowing both you and your child to lock in lower property taxes! However, the current rules expire February 16, 2021 so you must do your planning now! The Weller Group is hosting a Free Webinar with local firm Bridge Law, LLP, for you to learn more about Prop 19, how it may affect you, and how you can prepare for it before February 16, 2021.

Prop 19: Urgent Legal Update. What You Need to Know

Proposition 19 represents a tidal shift in the way property taxes will work in California beginning February 16, 2021.  This will affect each and every person who owns a property, whether it's a primary residence, a vacation home, a rental property, or a commercial property.

According to the new law, we have a limited window to take action in order to lock in our property taxes under the old rules. 

The Weller Group @ KW Realty is facilitating a Free Webinar with the award winning attorneys from Bridge Law, LLP to discuss Prop. 19 & share what you need to know to plan for this potentially big tax change coming in February. There are strategies available to us if we plan now!

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