Top 10 Secrets To Grow Your Company With YouTube

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    How I grew my YouTube Channel to over 100,000 subscribers

  • Not sure what topics to feature?

    Sometimes you can get bogged down with what topics to feature. You just feel like it's all been covered before on another YouTube channel, and other times you just draw a blank—you have writer's block and you just get paralyzed when it comes to what to feature when making a video. This is probably the one I have the most trouble with because I'm too close to the canvas. I don't recognize that what is obvious to me might be a question that someone else might be struggling with. I'll show you here in a second some solutions I have for getting over this hurdle.

  • Not sure what gear to use?

    The second problem is you aren't sure what gear to use. There are so many different cameras, computers, microphones, lights, and you can just get tech overwhelm. This is a common occurrence, so don't think that you're the only one experiencing it. When you go to YouTube, just type into the search bar "what camera should I use."

    There are thousands of videos, and boy, could that be overwhelming trying to decide which technology to use to make yourself look and sound clear and professional. Don't let yourself get bogged down in all of the megapixels and frame rates and the ins and outs of camera technology. 

    I'll walk you through what gear I use, what I'd recommend that you consider, and I'll show you my behind-the-scenes setup for making this video so that you can get a better understanding of what outcomes you can get and what setup you can use to reduce the overwhelm and get you off and running.

  • Not sure what your workflow should be?

    There are so many possible aspects to your workflow, from file management to copywriting, to thumbnail design, to content ideas, to publishing, to editing reviews, to posting to your website with good SEO and sharing different social media platforms, that the whole thing can be overwhelming and hard to keep track of.

    ​​​​​​​Defining your workflow is a major hurdle to get over when it comes to reaching your audience on YouTube. Defining your process, tracking that process, and having scheduled breaks can really help to keep you on track and keep you consistently reaching your audience.

    I'll show you the tools and tips and workflow that I have used to move projects all the way from ideation to sharing on social media and archiving a project.

  • Bear Wade

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