Digicel Masterclass Series

About The Masterclass Series

The first of its kind in Jamaica!  An  online masterclass series hosted by the inimitable Terri-Karelle Reid -  designed to give business owners and leaders like you the access, insights and a behind the scenes peek at some of the most inspiring, innovative and successful Jamaicans businesses around.

This is NOT another boring webinar (yawn)!  We know you've had enough of those. These are real stories from  genuinely accomplished people because we believe that the lessons of those that have gone before us are invaluable and should be shared with all who can use them (particularly right now - when we need them most).

We've called it a "masterclass" because these individuals are "masters" at what they do.  They have worked their way to the top.  Unafraid to get their hands dirty.  They know what it takes to reach the heighest heights and stay there because that is exactly what they have done.  We have chosen them for their resilience, innovation and sheer determination to achieve their goals.

Get ready to be inspired, challenged and discover what it really takes to get to the top, transform your business, lead with authority, boost your productivity and accelerate your success even during the most challenging of times.

Oh and before we forget!  When you attend all the webinars and complete some pre-assigned homework you will also be eligible to receive a Digicel Masterclass Series Certificate because we believe you are a master in the making.

  • Oct 29 - Business Transformation Masterclass with Richard Pandhoie, Chief Executive Officer of Seprod, President of JMEA

  • Nov 5 - Brand Building Masterclass with Nasha-Monique Douglas, Chief Marketing Officer of Digicel Jamaica

  • Nov 12 - Digital Transformation Masterclass with Aileen Corrigan, Chief Digital Officer of Digicel Jamaica

  • Nov 19 - Money Management Masterclass with Gary Peart, Managing Director of Mayberry

  • Nov 26 - Success Mindset Masterclass with Chris Williams, Managing Director of Proven Investments

  • Dec 3 - Productivity & Balance Masterclass with Marcus Steele, former CEO of British Tobacco

  • Dec 10  - Exclusive Bonus Event you will NOT want to miss!

  • Terri-Karelle Reid

    Webinar Host

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