Breath of Remembrance Online Breathwork Workshop

What is Breath of Remembrance?

Breath of Remembrance™​​​​​​​ is a transformational modality of breathing that allows us to access our subconscious material through expanded states of consciousness. By working with this material we are able to heal our old wounds and remember who we really are in our full potential.

What are the benefits?
Emotional Release 
Unprocessed and suppressed emotions cause depression, anxiety and even physical illness. Rational understanding of our emotions is not enough to sustain health, balance & happiness. Emotional release is crucial for our well being but we don't have enough tools to facilitate this process. Breathwork is an outstanding opportunity for it.

Body Movement & Voice
Most modern people are disconnected from their body and its wisdom. Voicing our truth is limited with cultural and social boundaries of appropriateness. Breathwork creates space for both: connecting with your body and voicing your truth through a vibrational sound. It is truly healing, freeing and expansive experience on all levels.

A Message from your Spirit
Many of us are conditioned to follow logic and the belief system of Western civilization. However our rational mind is too limited to understand the complexity and mystery of the Universe. Breathwork expands our mind and allows us to see our blind spots, pure energy beyond logic. We can reconnect with our own spirit and receive guidance. 

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