Amazon Automation - NEW PACKAGES

  • Why are there packages now?

    For years we have had clients interested in lower priced packages but could not offer them with a "VA Business model." With our in house team we will now have the ability to do so.

  • What are the differences?​​​​​​​
    During the webinar, we will break down the cost differences along with the perks of each package.

  • Is the current Amazon Automated service going up in cost?

    As of 5/20/21, yes, the cost will increase from $30k to $35k.

  • Will every package have access to the client portal?

    Yes, every package will have the TROD App ability to make their client experience as seamless as possible.

  • Tommy Rodriguez

    Webinar Host

  • Ron Earley

    Webinar Host

  • Cody Cornwell

    Webinar Host

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