Credit! How to Understand, Fix, Create or Leverage it to Build Your Dreams
​​​​​​​this year!...

  • Proof of burden on the credit bureaus, debt collectors and More...

    Ensuring bureaus do a full investigation under the 1681i
    The Reinvestigation procedures by requesting investigation

  • Investigate and find a discrepancy ​​​​​​​

    Showing how if an investigation isn't properly done, you can point out easy violations or discrepancies

  • Use violations as leverage for account deletion

    Point out violations if found and use corresponding laws to get the account removed so the bureau can avoid lawsuit for violating rights

  • Rebuild positive credit history

    Bad credit makes up 35% of your score. This is why we want to ensure the other 65% are in the rebuilding process. We will show why…

  • Pre qualify for funding towards your dreams - Let’s go!!!

    Most potential home owners, car owners and/or business owners are affected by poor credit. We’re going to show you why the rebuilding process is important and why we do it in the 5th step

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