Successful Approaches to Youth Engagement

This 45-minute webinar offers a direct look into the psychology of young people growing up in urban America who are trying to find positive self-identity. It is for anyone who is passionate about youth engagement, community work, violence intervention, urban education and juvenile justice.

  • K-Rahn Vallatine

    Webinar Host

  • What is Psychological & Emotional Trauma?Trauma is much easier to define than it is to identify. Learn why.

  • What is a Trauma Organized Culture?Constant adverse experiences and trauma creates social norms and values that are in response to the common traumas present in the community

  • Trauma Informed Approaches to Engagement
    To be truly effective in youth engagement and community crisis intervention, it is not always enough to have love in your heart and a will to work with young people. This passion and compassion should be coupled with a proper lens through which these young people are viewed and skills to engage them in their rawest, most authentic form.

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