Big Data 101: New Data Quality Platform for Improved Speed, Control & Scalability​​​​​​​

Join Melissa’s Chris Moller as he discusses and demonstrates Unison’s new cloud-based features and functionality. Unison will securely parse, match, profile and cleanse your stale data. Take control of your data to eliminate dirty records and keep the clean ones you can rely on.

About The Unison Platform Webinar

Having bad, dirty, or duplicate data is a costly and time consuming process to address and fix, especially when there may be millions and millions of records involved that would need to be put through a full data cleansing process.  By leveraging Unison's easy to use user interface, anyone is able to start cleaning data and generating easy to digest reports about the data.

With Unison being available in an on premise fashion it is easy to scale to fit the end users specific throughput needs.  There is also a cloud version available for users who may not need an on premise solution but would still want to be able to easily use the service for their data quality needs.  Finally there is no coding necessary to setup Unison in either the on premise or cloud environments!

Join this webinar for a quick look into the features and functionality of our new platform Unison and how it can solve your data quality needs.

​​​​​​​In this webinar we will:

  • Define what Unison is and what features it will bring to you.

  • Demonstrate how Unison can work to solve your data quality problems.

  • Go over future additions to Unison, such as Profiling and Generalized Cleansing.

  • Showcase a live demonstration of how to use Unison.

  • Chris Moller

    Melissa's Unison Expert

  • Amanda Nguyen Hammond

    Webinar Host

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