Exclusive Investment Opportunity:
How RYSE Is Disrupting a $158B Market

Join Trung Pham, founder & CEO of RYSE, for an exclusive investor webinar and Q&A to learn more about the next big thing in the smart home, and what make's RYSE such an attractive investment opportunity to seriously consider!

  • Trung Pham

    During this free webinar, I'll be sharing more about the massive industry we compete in, our unique yet simple technology, and what we've achieved to date!

  • Massive PropTech Markets
    You'll learn about the incredible growth in the smart home and buildings space, and how Smart Shades fits into these markets..

  • Unique Technology & Power Patents
    I'll share our secret sauce and what makes' us so different from competing products. 

  • Explosive Sales & Growth Strategy
    You'll learn how we plan to win market share and grow sales to  a forecasted $37 million by 2023 via a clear growth strategy! 

  • How You Can Now Invest in RYSE
    Investing in high-growth startups were traditionally reserved for Venture Capitlist. not anymore, andy ou'll learn how you can invest!

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