FREE Introductory training to the 3-Step Healing Framework for My SIgnature Course, Healing Attachment Wounds.

Tired of incompatible partners? Learn the SECRET to easily attract and keep HIGH QUALITY partners, TODAY!

A 3-step framework to Heal Attachment Wounds and cultivate soul-shaking love... without endless therapy and no results.

  • #1: You’ll learn HOW I attracted SOUL-SHAKING LOVE and partnership without years of endless therapy, and no results ( and, NO, I hadn’t totally “healed” from insecurity and doubt when I met my partner, and I also didn’t force myself to “wait and take it slow”)

  • #2: You’ll learn the three biggest and UNCONSCIOUS mistakes I made AND so many of my clients have made,  that used to sabotage my relationships EVERY SINGLE TIME, and kept me in a spin cycle of doing “all the right things” with no real change to show for it.

  • #3: You’ll learn a valuable framework that you can use in your relationships, to deepen the connection and intimacy, IMMEDIATELY, while healing attachment wounding, and feeling more SECURE AND CONFIDENT.  

  • Briana Macwilliam MPS, ATR-BC, LCAT

    Webinar Host

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