SharpeHaus Mixtape Capsule Worldwide VIP Screening

In Support of True Colors United's Efforts to End LGBTQ+
Youth Homelessness

SharpeHaus' Mixtape Capsule features three emerging artists who identify as womxn, POC and/or LGBTQ+, covering iconic tracks from the 1980s (Take On Me, Tainted Love and Time After Time) – a period of hope, imagination and inspiration. The diverse vocal artist line-up includes Amanda Kruger who identifies as non-binary, Reina Lam who is a Chinese-American woman and Grammy nominated R&B artist Qing Jaila who is a Black trans woman.

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  • Ashlee Marie Preston


  • Leon Elias Wu

    SharpeHaus Founder & Executive Producer

  • Aydian Dowling

    Special Guest

  • Leo Sheng

    Special Guest and Cast

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