Discipling Four Complicated Emotions: Fear. Grief. Anger. Shame.

About This Webinar Series

We are in the midst of an unprecedented time due to the great disruption caused by COVID-19. Fear, grief, anger, and share are at heightened levels and most Christian communities are ill-equipped to disciple people through these complicated emotions. In this webinar series, you will receive valuable tools to equip to gracefully confront your own complicated emotions and disciple others through this turbulent time.​​​

  • Learn how to be present to people's pain in a helpful way.

  • Learn how to process your own complicated emotions in order to disciple others well. 

  • Learn how to disciple your community to become emotionally healthy.

  • David Bailey

    Webinar Host

  • Elena Aronson

    Webinar Host

  • Abigail George

    Webinar Host

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