Master Your ISOs, RSUs & Tax Burden

Tools to master your Incentive Stock Options, Restricted Stock Units, and the TAXES that can take away their value. 

  • Mark Boujikian, CFP®

    Financial Planner & ISO, RSU & AMT Expert; [email protected]

  • ​​​​​​​What happens with a large price increase to your company stock

    Learn how large price increases affect your stock options and share sales to avoid major mistakes on your tax return.

  • Ladder exercise strategies

    Learn to ladder ISOs & RSUs to control your taxes and only pay what's absolutely necessary.

  • Real life scenarios with real world results

    Explore actual case studies from employees that have dealt with ISOs, RSUs & company stock sales. Learn how successful, custom outcomes are built and sustained year after year.

  • Bonus - What should you do with your annual bonus

    When does it makes sense to leverage your tenure for more company stock exposure?

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