Veterans and Military - How to Win in Real Estate using the VA Home Loan

  •  4 Secrets of using the VA Home Loan

    Nobody talks about these but they're super importnant.  You need to know all of the ins and outs of this amazing benefit

  •  How to save THOUSANDS $$$ while using your VA Home Loan

    If you don't learn about these tricks, you're bound to get ripped off with rates, hidden fees, discount points etc.  Don't be a sucker, know all about it and get the best deal.

  • How Veterans MAKE MONEY buying Multi-Unit properties using the VA Loan

    Wether you're on active duty or already out, this is a huge opportunity!  You can have a true investment, cash-flow property and someone else paying most, if not all of your mortgage.

  • Why you're wasting time looking at Real Estate Websites and how to avoid them

    Zillow, Trulia, etc. are a time suck.  They give you incorrect monthly payment numbers to sucker you into clicking, misprint fees and taxes, get you excited about a property and they do it on purpose.  Learn how to avoid them and get all of the best info

  • How to stop driving around aimlessly and only look at properties you know can afford

    Most people just go out there to look at open houses becasue it's fun... for the first 2 days.  Then it gets old and starts taking up a huge amount of your time.  Find out how to get the same result with much less time and effort.

  • Pros and Cons of Buying vs. Renting

    There are benefits to both but everyone thinks that payments for rent and mortgage is like comparing apples to apples.  IT'S NOT!  We break everything down and show you simple examples of how to truly understand the benefits of Homeownership.

  • ✅ Current Real Estate and Mortgage Market

    What is going on now and where is this market heading?  Property aspect AND the financial aspect are going to be extremely important going forward.

  • ✅  Most Important - Ask YOUR Questions!

    The presentation is LIVE so we'll be answering any and all of the questions you have about the VA Home Loan and Real Estate

  • Greg Kaczmarski

    USMC| Naval Academy

  • James Miramontes

    USMC | 1st Sgt Retired

  • Brian Mainardi

    NAVY| Veteran

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