What To Do When Facing a Viral Pandemic

  • Learn How To Help Your Immune System
    With an optimal immune system, most people can handle a virus by developing immunity. Some may not even have symptoms.

  • Learn How It's Transmitted In Daily Life

    Viral illness can spread through doorknobs, handrails, elevator buttons, all surfaces.

  • Learn About the Most Dangerous Stage of the virus

    The most dangerous part of the virus is in its later stages when an ‘inflammatory storm’ forms in the lungs.

  • Learn What You Can Start Doing Today
    It is fair to assume that most people will eventually be exposed to this virus and develop immunity. So, it is important to: (A) immediately start a regimen to optimize the immune system (B) reduce the ‘viral load’ or number of viruses inside a person and (C) know what to do to decrease inflammation if you have viral illness

  • Sangeeta Pati MD FACOG

    Co-Founder of ICRM. Internationally recognized for Bio-identical Hormone Protocols and the 5-point Model System applied to immune optimization in 15 years of practicing regenerative medicine. Training functional doctors since 2007.

  • Dr. John Apsley

    Co-Founder of ICRM. Internationally recognized authority on Integrative Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Apsley served as Executive Director (2006-2008) of Immunogenics Research Foundation dedicated to metals in medicine. Dr. Apsley has penned a three-volume authoritative treatise on Silver-nanomedicines (AgNPs), plus authored or co-authored over 20 white papers on the subject. He has presented AgNPs’ curative effects on SARS-1 (5th China Int’l Silver Conference 2006); on cancer (First Paris Symposium on Overcoming Advanced Cancer, 2007); and on AgNPs’ role in regenerative medicine to Boston Scientific (2006).

  • Gloria Rangelova

    Gloria Rangelova studied and graduated with a Naturopathic Doctorate degree from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Prior to that she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology at the University of California in Santa Cruz. She has done extensive additional training in herbal medicine and homeopathy, the two areas of medicine she is most passionate about. She has trained in and practices pelvic floor therapy and nasal specific therapy. Gloria’s love of natural medicine stems from growing up in Bulgaria, where natural therapies are used before other more intensive forms of treatment are considered. When she moved to the United States she experienced first hand the effect that poor diet and high stress levels have on health and was amazed by the high incidence of heart disease and cancer in this country. She was inspired to educate people about simple yet effective ways to achieve an optimal state of being. As Florida has not issued licenses to NDs since 1959, Gloria Rangelova ND is not a licensed ND in Florida. Given her educational training and experience, she works as a regenerative health consultant under Dr. Pati's mentorship for Florida based clients.

  • Bridgette Ruge

    Webinar HostBridgette has a Masters Degree from the University of Central Florida in Exercise Science and has been a practicing health coach and personal trainer for 15 years. In addition to being a SaJune certified Regenerative Health Coach, she is also certified as a Holistic Nutritionist by AFPA and as a Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and Group Exercise Instructor by the American Council on Exercise. Her focus for the last 8 years has been working closely with physicians to improve the health and quality of life for their patients by creating customized health and lifestyle programs and weight loss programs that are tailored to the specific needs of the patient and based on physician recommendations. Since joining the team at SaJune in 2015, she has been working closely with SaJune providers to create effective programs that get patients excited, having fun, and living their best life ever. She helped Dr. Pati to develop and roll out the 90 day Integrative Health Coaching Program which has been a great success since its launch. Additionally, she has worked closely with Dr. John Apsley to organize and coach patients through the Integrative Immune Support Program for advanced and/or chronic diseases. Some of her specialty areas are weight loss, healthy balanced nutrition, natural hormone balance, gut health, optimizing the immune system, total body detoxification, fitness and stress management.

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