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February Midwest SCC Meeting 2021

Upcycled Ingredients: The Next Frontier in Developing Sustainable Personal Care Products

Speakers: Tony Abboud, GM, Personal Care & Cosmetics, Renmatix and Ivan Souza, Technology and Sales Support Leader, Renmatix

Abstract: It is increasingly clear that the way we produce and consume goods is not sustainable, especially as demand for products grows with an expanding middle-class population around the globe. Changing people’s behavior and consumption patterns is difficult. The best way to bring about change is for industries, including food and beauty, to reshape their supply chains and production processes. 
The beauty industry has made great strides in commitments to reduce waste (and to recycle waste that is produced). The next frontier is upcycling. Turning waste material -- often plant byproducts from other processes -- into high-quality ingredients for beauty and personal care products has the potential to provide not only great brand opportunities but also functionality and cost benefits. 
Tony Abboud and his team are working at the forefront of upcycling in the beauty industry. Our talk will be based on a recent Renmatix white paper examining general upcycling trends, as well as specific upcycled products and results from clinical trials. He will discuss the benefits, opportunities, and challenges of upcycled ingredients, and inform the audience of efforts from companies such as BASF and Renmatix to academic teams at universities around the world to turn low-value plant-based waste products into multi-functional ingredients that deliver more sustainable, cost-advantaged, high-performing alternatives to traditional ingredients. 
Tony’s Bio: Tony Abboud received a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Masters of Biomedical Technology from University of Calgary in Canada. For the last 15 years, Tony has held various senior level Sales, Marketing and Business Development positions at Biotechnology and Medical Device start-up and emerging companies. He is particularly passionate about commercializing first-in-class disruptive innovations into technology-based industries like Personal care and Cosmetics. Tony is currently General Manager, Personal care and Cosmetics at Renmatix Inc – a privately held company with operations in Georgia, New York and Pennsylvania.
Ivan’s Bio: Ivan has a career focused on developing new materials and formulations for the cosmetic and personal care industry. Pharmacist, holding a Ph.D. in Sciences from the University of Sao Paulo, and a proud Latino, he has worked across multiple R&D specialties for small and medium international ingredient suppliers, as well as an entrepreneur and consultant. Currently, Ivan is interested in the science of sustainably-sourced materials that can positively impact consumers' self-confidence and well-being worldwide.

  • Crystal Rampaul

    MWSCC Chair, 2020

  • Tony Abboud

    GM, Personal Care & Cosmetics, Renmatix

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