How to Improve Your Parks Bottom Line Without the Overwhelm

About The Webinar

Revenue and yield management is a critical discipline for the success of any business that needs to optimise a perishable asset, meaning that once the night passes all revenue opportunities for that product has been lost. 

Join me for this introductory training as we walk through together 3 myths I have come across in my 25 years experience in revenue and yield management, and I will share specific insights into the holiday park industry.

Filmed pre COVID-19, however, the lessons are still valuable. Spend the time now to upskill and think about your business model in a different way. When business recovers there is alot of money to be leveraged by finding opportunity in the detail. 

  • MYTH #1:  Changes in price are driven by occupancy levels

  • MYTH #2:  Direct business is always best

  • MYTH #3:  Static pricing will optimise my profit

  • Melissa Kalan

    Webinar Host

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