Tripod Beta Follow-Up (English)

This webinar is for or anyone trained in, working with or interested in incident investigation and -analysis. You don’t have to be trained in Tripod Beta to participate.

Tripod Beta Follow-Up (1½ hours)

This series of webinars is your opportunity to add or refresh to your skills on incident investigation and incident analysis.

  • Incident Management

    The first half of the session will cover topics related to the incident investigation process - such as planning of the investigation, roles & responsibilities and best practise for handover to management.

  • Incident Analysis

    The second half of the session will cover topics related to incident analysis using the Tripod Beta methodology.

  • You can ask for topics to be included

    Send an email to [email protected] with any related topic you would like covered in the webinar. Deadline is 13:00 CEST on the Friday before the webinar.

  • Lisbeth Holberg

    Webinar Host

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