How to Start A Million Dollar Pool Company

The exact method used by Lazy Day Pools CEO, Christopher Ward, to create Million Dollar Pool Companies.  This is the real deal...if you want to skip over all the trial and error of starting your own highly successful pool business...this is the master class you have been looking for.  If you already own a pool company and can't seem to break through to the next level...this training will get you there...GUARANTEED!

How I Started Lazy Day Pools with a $500 and a Truck. is now the largest vinyl pool remodeling company in America.  But it wasn't always that way.  I had to scratch and claw my way to the top.  I want your rise to the top to be much faster and much easier than mine was.  This class is the answer.

  • Maximize Your Chances of Success

    My simple list of rules for new businesses which makes it almost impossible for you or anyone else starting a business to fail..

  • The Only Decisions that Really Matter

    I cover the only decisions that really matter when starting any home service company.  Simply knowing about these key decisions is a game changer for any business.  Yet, 90% of businesses DO NOT even know these decisions MUST BE MADE.

  • 13 Year Old:  $250,000 in Sales in 4 Months

    I gave my 13 year old daughter a 40 minute class and she sold $250,000 worth of pool liners within the following 4 months.  This is absolutely bull....just knowledge that works.

  • Christopher Ward

    Webinar Host

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