Real Estate FARMING on a Budget

 Topics being covered in his webinar

  • Why Farm, We will discuss the WHY to farming in the first place, when everyone else is telling you print marketing is DEAD... 

  • Where to Farm, We will talk about what Neighborhoods and Communities to farm so you can maximize your ROI.

  • What to send, We will talk about what to send to GRAB the home owners attention & how oftern you need to change your message.

  • Budget, The Main reason most people don't farm is because they think they can't afford it. I have Put together a program where you can farm 2,000 homes every month for less than $250 per month.
    * HUGE 6.5x12, 16pt Card Stock, Full Color both sides w/ Coating.

  • How to compliment your farm, We will discuss things you should be doing to compliment what you are doing with farming.

  • How to add value to your farm, We will discuss what you can do to add value to the people that live in your farm

  • David Upchurch

    David Upchurch of David Upchurch Real Estate / eXp.  has been in Real Estate since 1997. He started with  door hanging apartments to get renters to stop wasting their money on rent.  Then 2013 he started consistently farming his local area. He started with 2500 homes each month and is now up to 35,000 homes every three weeks.  So if you want to learn the tricks to farming on a budget you are in the right place!

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