Free OCD Webinar

Taught by OCD Therapist, Natasha Daniels 

5 Things Every Parent Raising a Child with OCD Needs to Know

Are you raising a child or teen with OCD? Whether you are new to the OCD journey or have been dealing with this for years, most parents are missing some critical elements to help their child have long-term success.

What You Will Learn In The Webinar

  • Most therapists aren't trained to treat OCD

    Are you wasting time and money seeing the wrong therapist? Learn what to look for.

  • Do you fully understand OCD?

    OCD will often morph and change. Can you spot new OCD themes. Do you understand themes like moral and harm OCD?

  • Are you inadvertently growing OCD?

    OCD almost always involves the parents in some way. Are you participating in compulsions unknowlingly?

  • Do you know what ERP is and how it works?

    ERP is an evidenced-based approach to OCD. Do you understand what it is and how it works? 

  • Are you waiting for OCD to get worse?

    Learn what steps to take right away to proactively work on reducing OCD symptoms.

  • Natasha Daniels

    Presenter, OCD Child Therapist

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