2020 Election Insights
How the Presidential Election Might Impact Financial Markets

About the Webinar

The Keel Point team invites you to a webinar discussing the upcoming presidential election and the economic, market, tax, and estate impacts it may bring.
 - How the U.S. presidential election impacts investments before the election
 - How the markets respond after a U.S. presidential election
 - What to expect if the president gets re-elected
 - What to expect if a new party is elected
 - The effects of a divided election
 - The specific stock market sectors influenced by elections
 - Should you change your investment allocation because of the election?

  • Robert C. Mayes

    Keel Point Chief Executive Officer

  • Steven L. Skancke, Ph.D.

    Keel Point Chief Economic Advisor

  • Douglas Andre

    Keel Point Family Office Counsel

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