Landing a Job During / After Covid Crisis (FREE Webinar)

Step-by-Step Strategies to Land your Next Job During or After the Covid Crisis

Whether you are currently job searching or are afraid to find yourself unemployed in the near future, you are probably wondering if there will still be a job market and how you'll be able to find a job once you find yourself competing with all of those who will be laid off as a result of the covid crisis!

I assure you - there are and will be opportunities! But there will also be changes and a lot of competition.  And those who will succeed in landing a job are those who are able to understand the market shifts and to adapt their job search strategy accodingly! 

To help you succeed, I've designed this new online training to provide you with step-by-step strategies that you can use NOW to help you gain a competitive advantage in your job search and land your next job even in those uncertain time!

​​​​​​​Here's what I will be covering in this FREE Webinar:

  • How to adapt your job search to succeed in markets that are shifting as a result of the crisis

  • How and where you can find job openings even though it may seem like everyone is rather getting laid off

  • 5 concrete steps you need to take right NOW to boost your job search despite the covid outbreak

  • How to leverage the shift to online platforms to expand your network, tap into the hidden market and stand out as candidate

  • Catherine Leduc

    Career Coach & Strategist

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