The Training Structure of an Elite Youth Soccer Coach - Rondos, Positional Games, SSPs and More

Albert Puig is a former Barcelona F.C. Football Academy (La Masía) coach and director with a UEFA PRO license. Albert’s 35+ years experience as a coach, mentor, scout, instructor, author, and speaker made him travel the world spreading this methodology with unique results. A world renown expert of "Juego de Posición" in youth soccer. All this knowledge has been channeled into a comprehensive, digestible, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you the theory but the actual execution of this Catalan methodology on the pitch.

What we will cover in this Masterclass...

  • The Rondo

    You've probably heard of the Rondo. But what is it? What value does it bring for training and developing players? We explain it all here.

  • Positional Games

    Positional games help players get acquainted with the movements that happen in a real match. ​​​​​​​We break it down with different games, examples and demos. 

  • Situations, Simulations, Preferential (SSP)​​​​​​​

    The SSP stands for Situations, Simulations, Preferential. The SSP is a training structure that we use as a progression of the positional games. Once you understand the complexities of an SSP the value is exponential. 

  • Small Sided Games

    Every practice, in the end, must be finished with a game. Small matches are the best way to boost the creativity of the players and the best way to apply all the
    concepts learned in positional games and SSP's into reality during a real match.

  • Albert Puig

    Webinar Host

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