Embrace Your Higher Calling By Becoming an Empowered Energy Healer!

Join Energy Healer and Cosmic Wisdom Teacher, Ahtayaa Leigh, to discover how you too can unlock your innate energy healing skills and divine mission for this lifetime! 

Here's a taste of what's included in this transformative  60 minute masterclass:

  • The Importance of Energy Healing

    Understand why energy healing is more crucial than ever in today's world, and how it helps unblock energy channels to restore balance.

  • Recognizing Blocked Energy

    Learn to identify the common symptoms of blocked energy in your body, and understand how these blockages can lead to physical and emotional imbalances.

  • Role of an Energy Healer

    Get a detailed look at the job of a skilled energy healer. Learn how they use their abilities and tools to facilitate healing in others.

  • Becoming an Energy Healer

    Interested in taking the next step? We provide guidelines on how to become an energy healer yourself, opening the door to a fulfilling career path.

  • Ahtayaa Leigh

    Masterclass Presenter

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