Research Insights and High Conviction Ideas from Top Tech Analysts

About The Webinar

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global equity markets have experienced extreme volatility as countless businesses have been shut down.  Despite this, a few sectors have experienced strong demand, prompting these stocks to soar. 

One such sector has been global technology stocks which have surged over 14% since the start of the pandemic, with some segments of the industry posting even stronger gains.  In Integrity’s upcoming  Research Insights: Technology panel, top technology analysts from highly regarded independent research firms will share some of their views about the sector.  A few of the topics that will be addressed include:

  • Key Trends?  What are some key trends that are likely to have large impacts on the tech sector in 2021, and who are likely to benefit from these developments? 

  • Overvalued?  Which parts of the technology sector are overvalued, and which industries are likely to experience a market correction in 2020?  

  • Opportunities?  Where are there still opportunities to book long-term gains in the technology sector?  

  • Forever Changed?  What segments of the technology sector are likely to change for the forseeable future as the global Covid-19 pandemic has permanently altered the way business is done?

  • High Conviction Ideas?  What are a few high conviction non-consensus investment ideas that our panel of technology analysts think are most likely to be big winners in the intermediate-term?

  • Michael Mayhew

    Integrity Research

  • Richard Kramer

    Arete Research

  • Srini Nandury

    Summit Insights Group

  • Tom Morphis

    Sales Pulse Research

  • Ben Rose

    Battle Road Research

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