How to Build a Great Mobility Routine to Fight Chronic Pain

In this webinar, Mind Pump host Adam Schafer leads a full MAPS Prime Pro mobility workout to help improve mobility and correct recruitment pattern issues that lead to pain.

  • Adam Schafer

    Webinar Host

  • Step-by-step workout featuring 5 pain-reducing movements

    Adam coaches you through the entire workout and shows you exactly how to properly perform and intensify each movement

  • A workout not just at warmup!

    Believe it or not mobility work will make you sweat if you are doing it right.

  • Immediate results

    Fully participating with this webinar WILL provide you with noticeable results. You will see a significant improvement in your squat before and after your workout.

  • Long-term health, performance & muscle building benefits
    Consistent mobility work will help you eliminate pain and improve performance. It will even help you accelerate muscle growth by increasing range of motion and improving muscle connection.

  • For everyone!
    Do you have any chronic pain? This webinar is for you!
    Want to prevent injury? This webinar is for you!
    Are you a trainer? Use this workout to attract & retain more clients.

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