The New Normal: How You Can Make a Match TODAY

  • You're Making All The Wrong Moves

    If you're disappointed with your matches, burned out on go-nowhere video chat dates and eager to bring someone new into your bubble, you need to know how to avoid the common pandemic dating pitfalls.

  • Fix what's broken in your dating approach

    One simple step in your dating strategy could be the difference between finding lasting love and dating duds. Are you making the same dating mistake over and over again? Are you looking in all the wrong places for today's dating situation?

  • Start FRESH with an unforgettable profile

    Most daters have profiles that aren't attracting their best matches. Discover the secret to a magnetic profile that draws the right ones in - which is more important than ever right now!

  • Learn the Hidden Places to Meet Someone New

    In the midst of the pandemic, everyone flooded dating apps seeking a connection but now that we are in the new normal, there are new ways to meet someone that most daters don't realize are amazing alternatives to a dating app.

  • Damona Hoffman

    Certified Dating Coach

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