Wednesdays 1pm & 7pm Central Time

Finally a Closer Look At Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Over 3 Million Reported Traumatic Brain Injuries a Year

    This number is grossly under reported and consequently grossly under treated.  In this webinar you will learn what it is and why we are so confident, in ending what, at any other time in history, would be considered a National Epidemic.  Obviously we have bigger medical issues as a nation right now.  But this too shall pass. Let's get ready for the recovery. Because it will come.

  • Proprietary Breakthrough Process for Diagnosis & Treatment of Mild TBI

    Created by Dr. Huma Haider, watch her new short form documentary to the right.

  • Time for a Concussion Protocol for the Everyday American?

    The symptoms of TBI are real and diverse. Traditional CT and MRI scans usually do not look close enough to find the damage. As a result, many adults and children, suffering from TBI symptoms can go untreated. The NIH estimates over 90% of the 3 million diagnosed TBI injuries are mild.  And most of those go undiagnosed.  This no longer has to be the case.

  • In This Webinar

    Dr. Huma Haider (Pronounced HAYther) will teach on the breakthrough in diagnosis of TBI. See her inspiring story in the documentary, "Nail On The Head: The Huma Haider Story"

  • Dr. Huma Haider

    TBI Specialist, Founder CEO of the National Brain Injury Institute. Watch her short form 10 minute documentary above.

  • Timothy D. Dillard

    Sr. VP - Host

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