Women of Distribution

Women are now holding key dealership positions, and they bring a unique perspective to the equipment distribution industry.  As an answer to many requests, the Currie Team has responded with this cutting edge offering, and we have designed a specialized program of development that is guaranteed to empower talented women to not only achieve, but to exceed performance expectations.

About The Webinar

In her epic poem, The New Colossus, Emma Lazarus called out relief and restoration to all.  In that same spirit, I answer the call for a new generation, and a new population, among the ranks of managers, owners, and leaders in the equipment industry.  Inspired by the historic beacon, I offer an opportunity for all women, in the industry, to join a dealer group specifically designed for the challenges that women face on their journey into an equipment dealer.
Women bring fresh perspectives, and a different approach to the customer, the work, and the dealership team.  Many of my current dealer clients have several women in key management positions.  Others have been more hesitant.  During a period of unemployment such as the current rate, we recommend that dealers not forget that there is fully half of the population with enormous amounts of untapped talent, and immeasurable potential.

Please note this was originally scheduled as a two-day in person seminar.  Due to current restrictions from COVID-19, I am moving this to an online platform until we can once again gather.

  • The work is based upon Currie Model, Currie Gap Analysis, and all Currie Performance  and Productivity measures.

  • Operational Best Practice will include Sales Department and Account Management, Parts Department and Service Department Profitability, and detailed Rental Department Management.

  • The development of a culture of success is critical to the industry at this time.  Participants will learn how to develop sustainable cultures of execution, accountability, and the like.

  • Leadership skills, Management Best Practices, and Executive Behaviours for success are all covered in the Leadership portion of each webinar.  These include effective communication, team building theory and practice, problem solving methodology, and more.

  • The Women of Distribution
    Dealer Group Agenda

    Meeting Location:
    Webex, hosted by Currie Management Consultants, Inc

    Segment One
    Begins at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard time
    60 minutes
    Introduction to Currie Model:  Robin Currie will present the Currie Financial Model for industrial equipment.  All major financial benchmarks will be reviewed.
    Dealership Operational Challenge: in advance of the meeting, two specific challenges will have been selected from the survey results.  Robin Currie will lead a best practices discussion and determine solutions and strategies.  This is interactive and each attendee will have an opportunity to provide input and/or ask questions specific to this issue.  Examples will include low parts department margin, poor employee productivity, service department expense recovery improvement, etc.

    Segment Two
    Begins at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard time
    45 minutes
    Dealership Cultural Challenge:  in advance of the meeting, two specific challenges will have been selected from the survey results.  Robin Currie will lead an interactive session to create solutions.  Examples will include silo mentality, branch versus centralized structure, effectiveness of meetings, workforce engagement, communication processes, job descriptions, etc.

    15-minute break
    Segment Three
    Begins at Noon EST
    45 minutes
    Leadership.  The Currie facilitator will present an important topic to develop the participant’s leadership capabilities.  Examples are Time Management, Emotional Intelligence, Assertive Communication Skills, Public Speaking and Presenting, Problem Solving, Managing Conflict, etc.

    15-minute Q & A, Open Forum, or Parking Lot items
    Meeting ends at 1:00 PM EST

  • Robin Currie

    Webinar Host

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