Personal Transformation:
​​​​​​​3 Shifts You Must Make to Fulfill the Call on Your Life

About this Free MasterClass

Noted Christian author, speaker, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist Dr. Laurette Willis, shows you the 3 simple yet powerful shifts you must make to fulfill the call on your life. 

You'll leave this Free Masterclass with a clear understanding of the 3 Simple Shifts you must make, and a step-by-step blueprint to guide you the rest of the way (even if you feel a million miles from your calling right now!).

  • RENEW YOUR MIND - Find out how Neuroscience mirrors what the BIBLE says about the power of being able to "Master Your Morning." Discover a simple tool that helps you do exactly that. Build habits of success day-by-day.

  • RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN - What are some of the fastest ways to destroy old habits and establish life-giving new ones to achieve your goals in record time?

  • How can YOU use the power-techniques of King David and Father Abraham to build confidence and defeat your giants? Uncover the secret to destroying "The 3D Attack" of the enemy.

  • Dr. Laurette Willis

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