​​​​​​​How to Save up to +9% Managing Subcontractors

Managing subcontractors is difficult.  Underperforming contractors, complex projects, significant delays, and major disputes are all too common.

Ready to execute contracts, manage subcontractors & save costs?

 It's time to trade overwhelm for confidence + a simplified, effective contract management strategy. You ready?

  • Build a rock-solid scope of work & infrastructure

    Techniques to ensure subs don't get paid for work not completed.

  • Sub management plan & strategy 

    Implement a project controls system to accurately track performance of your subcontractors. 

  • Change order management & disputes

    Learn a simple approach to capturing change orders in the client's scope of work, reducing subs CO with improved scope of work & management techniques.

  • Michael Trampetti

    Webinar Host

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