5 Ways eXp Realty Agents Earn MORE & Pay LESS

What we’ll cover in this webinar...

eXp Realty's Agent-First Business Model
We will discuss how eXp Realty puts agents first in everything it does. 50+ hours LIVE training every week, lead generation tools, brand yourself, to name a few!

LIVE Demo of eXp Realty Tools & Systems for Agents
I'll share my screen and take you through eXp World, kvCORE, Skyslope, Workplace by Facebook, and many more of the systems that eXp gives to agents. 

Additional Income Earning Opportunities at eXp Realty
We will take a look at how agents earn more than just their commission at eXp Realty.  Many agents, including myself, earn well OVER 100%!  

Cost and How to Get Started With eXp Realty
Finally, we will cover the extremely low cost to get started and what to do once you've decided to make the move to eXp Realty. 

  • Kyle Handy

    Kyle is one of the top real estate sales professionals in Texas. Prior to joining eXp Realty, Kyle built an independent brokerage of 15 agents over 4 years. Today, with eXp Realty he has over 240 agents spanning 33 states and 3 Canadian provinces. He is a 3 time ICON agent, and still actively sells around $15 million in volume per year.

  • Kirtus Dixon

    Kirtus has 15+ years of experience as a trained problem solver and business builder. With a passion for business operations and a unique background as an entrepreneur, sales executive, and an engineer, Kirtus is a dynamic leader and proven integrator. Today Kirtus serves as the VP of Agent Development at eXp Realty and is in charge of eXp Realty's training, mentoring, and ICON programs.

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