Stress, Hormones, & Inflammation:
The Root of All Disease

About The Webinar

Inflammation... you hear the term a lot, but really...what is it? What is going on in the body when something gets inflamed? Is inflammation the root of your illness?
🔥 Aching joints
🔥 Weight gain
🔥 Swelling and bloating
🔥 Feeling unwell or fatigued
🔥 Having trouble concentrating and thinking quickly 
🔥 Low libido
🔥 Sleep difficulties
🔥 Skin issues, like rashes
🔥 Stubborn belly fat
🔥 Stomach aches 
🔥 Digestive Issues
If you struggle with any of these frustrating symptoms make sure to attend!

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  • Dr. Camille Koontz ND, RN

    Webinar Host

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