Introduction to Capital Raising for Inventors

If you are an Inventor and you can't seem to get Investors to say YES, this course is designed to help you understand the process and get that yes in 100 days or less

Understand the Full Process of getting the funding you need from the people who need to be part of Your Project.

Most inventors understand innovation. How can the be expected to be experts in the capital-raising process?

  • Know the True Target Investor

    Understand why wealthy people rarely invest in IP and why even if they say yes, they get talked out of it in weeks...

  • Know what has to be in your pitch.

    Most invntors want to pitch their product and their team. Learn why that wont get you a YES.

  • Learn and use our 12-Point Pitch.

    We know what you need to put in and leave out. We can deliver everythign that leads to a decison in just 12 slides and 30 minutes.

  • Daniel O'Connor

    Webinar Host

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